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You lose if you don’t snooze.

Do you remember someone saying to you “You snooze, you lose” when you missed out on a great opportunity? Flip that phrase around to “You lose if you don’t snooze” and that’s how important it is to get enough sleep.

Why is sleep important to your health?
Kelly Gullo, a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist at the Sleep Disorder Center at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin said, “Sleep is just as important as food and water.” Your body requires at least eight hours of sleep. According to Gullo, sleep gives your body the opportunity to “Restore, Repair and Rejuvenate.”

Why is lack of sleep dangerous to your health?
Insomnia and lack of sleep contribute to dangerous health issues for women such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and depression. Gullo says, “Heart attacks, heart failure, an irregular heart beat and high blood pressure can all be related to sleeplessness.”

Six steps to a peaceful slumber:

  1. Set a routine. Just as a bedtime routine helps a child get to sleep, you need to program yourself for sleep.
  2. Avoid high-stress activities before bed.
  3. Keep your bedroom dark, cool and free of noise.
  4. Avoid the backlighting of your electronic devices and TV at least two hours before bed.
  5. Get moving! Exercise has been shown to improve sleep.
  6. Try some chamomile tea before bed.


Sweet dreams!

*If you have trouble sleeping contact your healthcare provider to determine if there is an underlying health issue causing your sleeplessness.*


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