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World No Tobacco Day

May 31st is a day that is honored annually as “World No Tobacco Day.”  This year’s event goes beyond highlighting the risks of tobacco use and focuses on action; banning tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.no smoking

Why Ban Tobacco Advertising, Promotion, and Sponsorship?

According the World Health Organization, evidence shows that:

  • comprehensive advertising bans lead to reductions in the numbers of people starting and continuing smoking, and
  • banning tobacco advertising and sponsorship is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce tobacco demand.

The need for these policies is of global importance, but also touches close to home.  Nearly one million Wisconsinites smoke, including an estimated 74,000 youth (1).  Tobacco use also costs Wisconsin approximately $4.5 billion annually in health care expenses and lost productivity (1).  Beyond the economic expense, we need to hold in our hearts and minds the nearly 7,000 Wisconsinites who die annually from illnesses directly related to smoking (1).

What You Can Do?

  • Get involved in local efforts to shape policy and fight the tobacco industry.
    • Tobwis.org is a project of the Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources and has an excellent tool kit that prepares Wisconsinites to inform stakeholders and shape policy.  Learn more here.
    • The Wisconsin Tobacco Prevention & Poverty Network (WTPPN) is an organization that fights against the tobacco industry and addresses the stark tobacco related disparities that exist in our state.  Call 800-264-6412 to learn how you can get involved.
  • Support our community members who struggle with nicotine addiction.
    • If you are a smoker and want help quitting smoking, call the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit their website.
    • There is a special program for expecting moms called First Breath.  For more information, call the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation at 1-800-448-5148 or visit us on the web.

Source:  (1) Voskuil KR, Palmersheim KA, Glysch RL, Jones NR. Burden of Tobacco in Wisconsin: 2010 Edition. University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center. Madison, WI: March, 2010.

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