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Trick or Treat, Protect Your Teeth!

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it, costumes and candy and…cavities? Use these tricks to protect your teeth – and your children’s – while indulging in Halloween treats:


photo by WWHF’s Emily TT Sullivan

  • Avoid chewy, sticky candy like taffy or caramels. These leave residue between the teeth that is impossible for saliva to clean away. Try hard candies instead.
  • Drink lots of water with sour candies. The more sour the candy, the more acidic – and harmful. The acid in sour candies eats away at tooth enamel. Important to note: wait at least 30 minutes after eating sour candy to brush your teeth, or else your toothbrush will just be spreading the acid over more tooth surface and causing more damage.
  • Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Dark chocolate, with its healthy antioxidants, has less sugar.
  • Reach for plain chocolate over chocolate with caramel, nuts, and other fillings. Chocolate in general is better for teeth than other candies because it dissolves quickly – with sticky fillings, however, comes a greater risk for sugar becoming trapped between teeth.
  • Try sugar-free candy. Your kids won’t be able to tell the difference – but their teeth will!

Gus's B-Day 2



And the best way to protect teeth from decay? Brush for two minutes, twice a day. Keep those pearly whites  clean and bright, and have a happy, healthy, and fun Halloween!

Bonus: Check out Delta Dental’s interactive Halloween Fun Page: The Original Tooth Fairy Poll.



Adapted from: “Delta Dental Names Best and Worst Halloween Treats for Teeth.” Delta Dental News Room. 31 October 2013.



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