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This St. Patrick’s Day, Go Green For Your Health!

A famous frog once said “it ain’t easy being green” and while it may be hard to be the color green (the Wicked Witch of the West definitely had some issues), there are a few good green things you can do for your health.



Introduce more green veggies into your diet. Vegetables are full of dietary fiber, which helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease. Look for vegetables that are in-season and don’t require a lot of prep work. Take a moment to check out Choose My Plate for even more healthy eating tips.



green cleaning


 Try green cleaning. Many of the household cleaning products we use contain harsh and even harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs can irritate the eyes or throat, cause headaches or other health problems. [1] Try using warm water and baking soda for scrubbing and vinegar and warm water for cleaning glass.





Enjoy the green space outdoors. The snow is finally starting to melt and the green shoots of spring flowers might even be popping up in your yard. Exposure to nature or green space has long been associated with improved well-being, self-esteem and mood.[2] Wisconsin is home to many beautiful parks and outdoor recreation areas, take time to visit one near you or take a moment to look at the green scene right outside your window.




[1] http://www.lung.org/healthy-air/home/resources/cleaning-supplies.html

[2] Pretty, J., Peacock, J., Hine, R., Sellens, M., South, N. & Griffin, M. (2007) Green Exercise in the UK Countryside: Effects on Health and Psychological Well-Being and Implications for Policy and Planning. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 50, 211-231.


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