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The Sandwich Generation and Caregiving….Don’t forget about yourself!!!!

Me-time is very important and frequently over looked during hectic times of life.  While caring for children of your own or caring for aging parents, self-care is often forgotten.

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Here are four ideas to help re-center and re-energize yourself while getting some precious ME time:

  • Stay fit. It’s not easy when you’re stressed, but try to eat with moderation.  Activity is important for physical and mental health.  If you have the time, take a hike or a yoga class.  If you can’t, just squeeze in 20 minute walks or an at-home exercise program.
  • Get away.  Spontaneous get-togethers with friends are great, but they may be hard to pull off. So, plan.  Get someone to watch the kids while you go out for lunch, a shopping trip, or a night at the movies.
  • Create a sanctuary.  Set aside a room in your house — or some part of a room — as a place to get away from the demands of your life for a few minutes every day.
  • Get emotional support.  On top of your caregiving chores, you may also feel terrible grief as you watch a loved one slip away from you.  Don’t ignore those feelings.  Talk to family and friends. Call a hotline or schedule an appointment with a therapist. Look into local support groups for caregivers

While it does take planning, scheduling breaks and following through on them, can make navigating these hectic “sandwich years” a much smoother voyage.

~Susan Richards, RN


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