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Sue Ann Says: Early Onset Dementia in Women is On the Rise

SAT HeadshotThe 52 year old woman’s family first started to notice changes when she missed two meetings. Juggling projects that used to be a breeze for her became confusing and a chore. Soon her family observed other odd behaviors; lost jewelry, lost keys, forgetting the names of friends. They became concerned. Finally her family persuaded her to see her doctor. The diagnosis: early onset dementia.

Early onset dementia, or EOD, affects individuals under the age of 65 and many are in their 40s and 50s. The latest estimate from the Alzheimer’s Association puts the number between 200,000 and 640,000 Americans with EOD and other dementias. As this number rises I want to provide you with information on EOD in case you would ever have the symptoms. Furthermore, I have included pertinent information on caregiving for women who already have someone in the home with this devastating disease.

Take some time to review the EOD symptoms and learn about available resources in our state.

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