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See What’s Up at WWHF!

EveryWoman’s Journal
EveryWoman’s Journal is an education outreach program that teaches women how to use proactive health journaling techniques to increase individual awareness of their mental, physical, and emotional health, and guide them towards positive, effective action to improve their health and sense of personal well-being. In 2013 (thru June 30), WWHF held 12 workshops for 93 women in 7 Wisconsin counties. Since the program began we have conducted over 400 workshops reaching almost 3500 women in 44 Wisconsin counties.

First Breath
First Breath improves maternal and child health in Wisconsin through perinatal tobacco cessation programming and has gone through some exciting changes over the past year!  We have updated tools for measuring the programs impact, as well as the repackaging of our training program to ensure our providers are better equipped to discuss tobacco use with their clients and patients.  We are currently in the process of doing additional qualitative evaluation with our First Breath participants in order to capture the bigger picture of how these women experience First Breath.  WWHF is excited to see the impact that the Striving to Quit program has with some of the First Breath participants during the postpartum period.

GrapeVine Project
The GrapeVine Project is a free health education program for women presented by Faith Community/Parish Nurses (FCNs) right in your own community! The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation partners with FCNs throughout the state by providing them with the most up-to-date tools and educational information about various health topics; and then the nurses share the information with women in their communities by holding free one-hour educational sessions. In 2013 (thru June 30) 40 educational sessions were conducted in 12 counties reaching 303 women. Since the program began there have been a total of 542 educational sessions in 40 counties reaching 5,619 women!

Kohl’s Southeast WI Breast Health Assistance Fund
The Kohl’s Breast Health Assistance Fund is administered by the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation. It provides financial assistance to low income, uninsured and underinsured individuals in Southeast Wisconsin who are in need of services or have incurred expenses related to breast health screening, diagnostic testing, access to treatment services and financial assistance for those with a breast cancer diagnosis. Our April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013 grant period just ended. Through looking at the statistics, WWHF’s impact is clear. This year 789 contacts were made, of which 231 were approved for access to treatment, 410 were approved for screenings, and 128 were referred to the Well Woman Program. Not only did we make contact with more providers, allowing us to offer screenings at 23 locations, but we were able to provide 238 screening mammograms and clinical breast exams and 263 diagnostic services.

My Baby & Me
My Baby & Me is a program that works to spread awareness about the effects of alcohol-use during pregnancy and supports pregnant women who choose to abstain from alcohol. My Baby & Me is in the process of going through similar changes as the First Breath Program.  We are currently working on repackaging the overall look and feel of the program to ensure it is effective in reaching its goals.  We will be piloting our updated program with some of our current My Baby & Me providers in the coming months, and hope to re-launch the program to the entire state this fall.

Striving to Quit
Striving to Quit is a special study for BadgerCare Plus members who want to stop smoking. It offers free help to individuals who smoke and want to quit. It may also pay for time spent in activities that are part of the study. Since fall 2012, over 200 women have enrolled in Striving to Quit. These women work with 10 Health Educators and receive intensive smoking cessation and relapse prevention counseling from delivery to 1 year postpartum. One participant recently expressed her gratitude to her Health Educator, “Thanks for not giving up on me.”

Quit Project
The focus of the Wisconsin Women’s Quit Project is twofold:

  1. Provide technical assistance and training to sites based on the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, in order to implement tobacco cessation treatment into their practices
  2. Provide phone mentoring to moms after delivery as an added support in their efforts to quit or remain smoke-free

The Quit Project is nearing the end of its two year grant period, during which time 2 new First Breath sites were trained along with 13 new Frist Breath providersTen women will receive 3 postpartum mentoring phone calls each month for the next two months; while interviews are being conducted with the First Breath providers at each of the eight participating Quit Project sites.  We are excited to share the Quit Project findings with project funders, the Department of Health Services – Office on Women’s Health.  We know the work being done to help pregnant and postpartum women in Wisconsin quit and reduce their smoking can be replicated around the country!


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