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Schedule Your Healthy Aging Brain Session Today!


Sue Richards (BSN, FN, FCN), our professionally trained Faith Community Nurse, conveniently conducts free Healthy Aging Brain Sessions right where you are!

Schedule a free women’s health program to learn about the different types of dementia. In this session you will learn about what you can do to adopt a ‘brain healthy’ lifestyle and will receive information about health resources that are available near you!

The Healthy Aging Brain Session is a part of the WWHF’s GrapeVine Project, a free health education program for women in counties across Wisconsin.  We partner with local nurses who conduct  health education sessions on a variety of women’s health topics, including dementia.

Sue Richards (BSN, RN, FCN), our professionally trained Faith Community Nurse, will conveniently come to your workplace, library, church, book group, or another public location of your choice. Just pick your time and contact us to schedule a session. Start making healthy choices for your brain!

To schedule a session today, contact  Nora Miller at nmiller@wwhf.org or call 800-448-5148, ext.103.

What people are saying:

“My mom has mild-moderate dementia – after attending this session I have learned to have more patience when she asks occasionally for relatives who are deceased (I don’t try to correct her). I find it easier to go along with it or redirect her.”

“After attending the healthy brain session, I talked with our daughter, who will be making a health and end of life decision for us.”


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