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Safe Routes to School

Congratulations to the 17 Wisconsin communities receiving federal grants funding for local Safe Routes to School projects in 2013!

We learned about the Safe Routes to School project at our 6th Annual Dialogue event in September that focused on preventing and treating obesity.  Safe Routes to School is an international movement that promotes walking and bicycling to school.  The program works to make bicycling and walking to school a safer and more appealing alternative for families, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age.


Lack of physical exercise is one of the greatest factors contributing to obesity in our children.

Some additional quick tips from our Dialogue panel of experts:

  • Make healthy food choices.  Your children’s food choices are directly correlated with their mothers both during and after pregnancy.
  • Don’t focus on dieting too much. A mother’s preoccupation with dieting and weight loss can result in a child who focuses on these issues too heavily.
  • Become the family health leader. Model healthy behaviors and create opportunities for your child to make healthy food and physical activity choices.
  • Make it a family affair. Have meals and participate in physical activities together. Take advantage of family-based healthy interventions if you need support.

Building Healthy Communities: Where We Live, Learn, Work and Play by Susan Latton from Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation


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