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Relaunch Recap: My Baby & Me

“About 1 in 13 pregnant women (7.6%) reported drinking alcohol in the past 30 days.”- CDC, 2012

As stated in the above statistic, alcohol consumption during pregnancy is occurring at a rate of about 8% nationwide. Alcohol is a teratogen, an agent which interferes with normal prenatal development. Alcohol is passed along to a developing fetus and can affect skeletal structures, organs, the central nervous system, and may lead to a diagnosis within the range of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Fortunately, FASDs are 100% preventable when a woman has an alcohol-free pregnancy. For this reason, the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation began the My Baby & Me program in 2006.

The My Baby & Me program aims to:

  1. Provide screening and key FASD prevention messages to all pregnant women.
  2. Help participants stop or significantly reduce their alcohol use during the prenatal period.
  3. Provide comprehensive alcohol-related training and technical assistance to healthcare providers.
  4. Disseminate the best practices in alcohol education and FASD research, resources, tools, and continuing education opportunities.


In an effort to follow best-practices and update the program with the most relevant information and research, My Baby & Me completed an update and was re-launched during the week of November 4th-8th.

Why the Change?

Our goal was to:

  • Align intervention with best practices
  • Relieve provider burden – shortened forms and only two surveys
  • Refine program materials to promote inclusivity, cultural competence, and a non-judgmental approach

MBM Development Process

  • 6 months of research on best practices
  • Review with expert panel for consistency with best practices
  • Review with funder for consistency with program priorities and needs
  • Review with panel of current providers for provider feasibility and appropriateness for target population

Major Changes:

  • Inclusion of key messages & alcohol education

Key Messages:

  1. Any alcohol that a pregnant woman consumes is passed along to her baby.
  2. Alcohol use is the leading preventable cause of birth defects.
  3. Therefore, there is no known safe amount, time, or type of alcohol to drink during pregnancy.
  • Measuring screening AND brief intervention
  • Shift from abstinence-only to harm reduction
  • Deletion of Quantity-Frequency (QF) Questions
  • 2 surveys instead of 3
  • FRAMES intervention


The re-launch was held in four different regions of the state including: Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Stratford. The trainings were attended by 54 providers from 26 different sites throughout the state. If healthcare sites are interested in providing the My Baby & Me program, but were unable to attend one of the re-launch sessions, they can contact their regional Program Coordinator to set up an on-site training.

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Carl Oliver- Central/South East Region, 608-251-1675 ext. 117, coliver@wwhf.org

Chelsea Stover- Central/South West Region, 608-251-1675 ext. 118, cstover@wwhf.org

Amanda Brenden- Northern Region, 715-214-6334, abrenden@wwhf.org


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