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Prioritize Your Health This Holiday Season


Side-step your way out of the holiday rush for a minute, and just breath. How has your health been since Thanksgiving? Have you noticed an increase in stress level, anxiety, or agitation? Thought so.

When the holidays come rolling around, people (especially women) tend to shoulder more than they can bear. But this time of year does not have to weigh so heavily on us. Sometimes, it comes down to prioritizing: so for the next month, let’s prioritize our health. Just wait and see, the rest of the things in your life will start to feel so much lighter.

Prioritizing your health looks like this:

  • Resting. This means getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night. It will help you function better at work, and give you more energy to tackle your holiday To-Do List.
  • Exercising. Even 20 minutes has been shown to increase energy level, improve productivity, and of course, pump up those famous neurotransmitters called endorphins that make you and me a happier person.
  • Not over-committing. Take a look at your calendar for this month, and really be purposeful about when you schedule things. Saying no once in a while will give you more time to focus on your health, friends, family and other holiday commitments.
  • Shopping online. Avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowded shopping malls and shop from your home. Not only is it a more relaxing shopping experience, it also cuts out all the hassle of driving in traffic or unfavorable weather.

    Feet warming by fireplace

    Forget holiday shopping. Instead, put a few logs on the fire and enjoy some welcome company.

  • Making time instead of spending money. Are you spending an hour trying to pick out the perfect gift for your mother-in-law? What if, instead, you made time for her by blocking out an hour for a one-on-one coffee date or walk through the park? Our relationships are not fueled by money or presents – they run on love and time spent together. So put down the credit card and focus on your loved ones.
  • Eating well, with some indulgences. Gorging yourself with holiday treats is not a great feeling – it leaves you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and guilty. On the other hand, not eating holiday treats doesn’t feel great either. Tis’ the season! So don’t refuse yourself the joy of a nice hot cocoa or your mother’s homemade apple pie. Just remember, moderation is your friend – keep it to one serving only. For help with portioning, check out this helpful blog: Your Guide to Holiday Portions
  • Reminding yourself of the true purpose of this season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Pancha Ganapati, etc. it’s important to remember what the point of it all is. Return to the purpose of the celebration and all the extra stresses that seem so important right now will slowly float away.



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