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My Motivation? My Grandson.

387064_614366303481_595492368_nMy grandson is quite possibly the cutest 3 ½-year-old little boy in whole wide world and I know I’m not the only Gramma that thinks this about her grandchildren. One thing you other Grammas may or may not have thought about is how your health is affected by your grandchildren.

In the 3 ½ years since my grandson was born, I’ve started eating better, exercising, losing weight and I’m happier.

I eat what my grandson eats. His health is important to me, so when I fix his plate with a fruit, vegetable, protein and grain, I’m benefited by eating healthier. Using his fun, kid-sized plates helps me keep my portions under control too!

When I say exercise, I should be more specific…I’ve never been a fan of traditional exercise or going to a gym. I’ve always preferred being active with my family or doing things outside like, kayaking or gardening. These feelings didn’t change when my grandson was born, I just added “chasing” to my list of activities. As soon as he could crawl, I chased after him. Now that he can run, our favorite chasing track is around the island in our kitchen through the living room and back. A few laps are enough exercise to get my heart pumping.

Combining healthier eating and exercise has helped me to lose 18 pounds since I became a Gramma. I know that by losing weight, I’ve lowered my risk of Type II Diabetes, which runs in my family.

Lastly, but maybe most importantly, since my grandson was born, I’m happier. I love to see his smiling face and that little twinkle in his eye. I look forward to my time with him because I know my mood will be brightened, I’ll laugh and he’ll smile.


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