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Mental Illness Awareness Week – Oct. 6 – 12

mental health

50 million.

That’s how many Americans experience a mental disorder any given year.

With that kind of prevalence, why would most individuals rather tell their employers about a petty crime than about a history including a psychiatric hospital?

There are many people in the workforce that deal with psychiatric illnesses and poor mental health. Despite the prevalence within the workforce, there is almost 90% unemployment for those with serious or persistent mental illnesses. Often, these individuals are able and willing to work, but the stigma of mental illness inhibits their ability to find a job.

So, what can you do?

Primarily, you can help reduce the stigma related to mental health in your workplace. Stigma is a barrier that discourages individuals from getting the help they need. Start with yourself: ask yourself what preconceptions you hold about those with mental illness. Do some research to dispel these myths. After you’ve gotten yourself on the right track talk to those around you. Help your family, friends and co-workers to recognize their prejudices. Work together to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Mental-Health Stigma

Additionally, it has been shown that practicing mental health activities is correlated with greater productivity, reduced insurance costs and improved retention. It can affect your entire company. So get started today.


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