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Lucy’s Story

Lucy* found success in quitting smoking by joining the WWHF’s First Breath program for pregnant women who want to quit smoking. Here is her success story:

At the time I got pregnant with my little Evelyn, I was living with my fiancĂ© and his brother in North Charleston, South Carolina. I found out I was pregnant a few days after my 23rd birthday. I stayed in South Carolina until I was 3 months along and moved to Wisconsin. We lived in a bad neighborhood, we were financially unstable, and I had family in Wisconsin. At that point in time, I was smoking at least a half a pack a day and I continued until I was about 6 1/2 months along. I don’t know why I continued to smoke but I think the main cause of it was the stress I had because of being apart from my fiance.
Lacey I joined the First Breath program at Ministry Medical Group in Rice Lake and got help with quitting smoking. What got me to quit was the text messages I would receive from First Breath. It made me realize I was being selfish to my own daughter and the damage I could be doing to her if I was smoking while being pregnant. I would find myself apologizing out loud while I was pregnant after I would finish a cigarette and feel guilty. In response, I would eat a yogurt or salad out of remorse. Eventually, quitting became a priority for me and I quit for good. Now here I am, with a beautiful healthy daughter that was born on December 8th 2012. Evelyn was 8.1 lbs. when she was born and 21 inches. She’s 4 1/2 months old now and my fiance and I are still apart from one another so I am the sole caretaker of Evelyn. Evelyn is all I have and she is the light of my life. It is hard on my own, but at least she is healthy and we have each other. I just want to say a big thank you to the First Breath program; you guys really do make a difference!

To learn more about WWHF’s First Breath program, click here or email Perinatal Programs Manager, Krissy Alaniz, MPH.

*This participant’s name has been changed.

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