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Laughing…..just for the health of it!

women-laughingWay back in the 60’s a man named Norman Cousins contracted a painful illness in which he had only a 1 in 500 chance of surviving. In his book about his recovery, “Anatomy of an Illness,” Mr. Cousins states that the “humor therapy” he credits with saving his life included several hours watching funny movies, reading funny stories and listening to comedians……anything to get a good belly-laugh.

Since that time, research has shown many things about the benefits of a hearty  gut-wrenching laugh. Not only does laughter relax your entire body while promoting the formation of your immune cells, but it burns 78 times as many calories than you burn while at rest!

Start by laughing at yourself….never take life too seriously.

Heard a good joke lately?  Pass it along.

Here’s a funny one about pizza—oh, never mind, it’s too cheesy!

How about this one: When the chicken was asked “Why did you cross the road?” She replied “Can’t a chicken take a short walk without her motives being questioned?”

According to some statistics, small children laugh up to 400 times per day, but as we “mature and grow up” our average number of spontaneous outbursts drops to only 15 per day!  We are missing out on so many opportunities for daily doses of healing.  So don’t delay, start laughing today!


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