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It All Begins With A Healthy Woman…

As mothers, it is important to do everything possible to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby.  Sadly, this is too often not true.

September is Infant Mortality Month and WWHF encourages mothers, surrogates and families to be aware and mindful of the things that can cause infant mortality.  While there are medical conditions that cannot be helped, we do know that cigarette smoking and second hand smoke negatively affects infant mortality.  Among many other things, smoking has been linked to low birth rate, one of the leading causes of infant mortality.

One way to become more empowered is to make sure that women have access to accurate information and that they use that information to take better care of their Wisconsin families.

Empower someone you love today by directing him or her to First Breath, a program that helps Wisconsin women quit or reduce smoking during pregnancy and beyond. Give our babies a fighting chance.  Remember, a healthy baby begins with you!

Let’s do our part to live the best life we can—for our families, our babies and ourselves! After all, it all begins with a healthy woman…

It all begins with a healthy woman 3

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