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I Am A Woman

Looking for something to read while curled up next to the fireplace? We have the book for you!

The name of the book is  I am a Woman Finding My Voice by Janet F. Quinn. The subtitle of the book is “Celebrating the extraordinary blessings of being a woman.” The book is a collection of stories and affirmations created to remind the author, and the reader, to celebrate who she is and how she is becoming. Some titles of the entries are: I am a Woman Letting Go and Moving on; I am a Woman Praying the Prayer of Parenting; I am a Woman Centered in the Present Moment. Sounds like good reading, doesn’t it?

We have chosen just one passage from the book to share, and invite you focus on the message. We invite you to take a nice deep breath in and exhale fully. Close the door to your office and read this brief entry, try reading it out loud, even. Notice how you feel when you are done.

Janet Quinn writes:  “I am a woman respecting myself. Respect—re-spect—means to look again. I am a woman looking again at myself and liking what I see. I am doing the very best I can with the resources and gifts I have been given. I am staying on my path, fulfilling my responsibilities. I deserve respect, not for anything I’ve done but for the simple reason that I am a human being. Whether my work in the world is cleaning the executive bathroom or being the sole owner of its key has no bearing here—I deserve no more or no less respect because of my work. Respect is my birthright. But respect begins with me. For too long I have allowed others to determine my opinion of myself. Somewhere I heard the phrase: your opinion of me is none of my business. It’s true, but I haven’t always acted that way. I have allowed others’ ideas about my ideas and about women to make me feel embarrassed, humiliated, and foolish, losing respect for myself. That was then, and this is now. Now, I am a woman respecting myself.”

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