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Healthy Weight Week

healthy weight weekThe Annual Healthy Weight Week is a week-long observance to recognize healthy diet-free living habits that result in the prevention of eating and weight issues.

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to healthy living, but people are often sucked into fraudulent diets and weight-loss “miracles.” Tuesday, January 21 is devoted to ridding the world of fad diets and gimmicks. Here are some tips on how to identify weight loss fraud and quackery:

  • claims a large, fast, easy weight loss
  • uses terms like “miraculous, breakthrough, secret, unique”
  • misuse of medical or technical terms
  • requires special foods purchased from the company
  • fails to state risks or recommend a medical exam
  • grants mystical properties to certain food or ingredients
  • demands large advance payments or long-term contracts
  • distributed through hard-sell mail order ads or television infomercials

Instead, we encourage you to improve your health habits in lasting, diet-free ways. Try this:

  • live actively
  • eat well (in normal ways and fully nourished)
  • accept and respect yourself and others – all women and bodies are different!

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