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Happy Father’s Day!

At WWHF the focus is women, but we never forget the importance men have in our lives.  This Sunday is Father’s Day, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share some of our fondest memories of our own influential Dads.

My dad has always been a winter sport enthusiast.  He sails ice boats on Wisconsin’s frozen lakes, skis and even gave snowboarding a try.  One of his favorite winter sports is sledding.  At my grandma’s house there’s a huge hill and every winter weekend dad would clear a little more of a sledding path for my sister and I to zoom down.  He’d build in banked walls for even more of a race-like feel.  We’d test out different types of sleds until we found the fastest – a metal disc.  By the end of the winter we were zooming down the best sledding hill ever at top speed!  I’ll always remember these winter weekends because my dad, sister and I would spend hours sledding to see who’d make it the furthest (my sister won this title), and head in, rosy-cheeked for hot cocoa.

When my dad became a grandpa almost four years ago, his love for sledding reemerged.  He built a sledding path and pulled my bundled up baby nephew around the yard in the baby sled with a smile on his face.  This year’s sledding path was aided by the plow shoveling a huge pile of snow into the yard – perfect for a quick ride!

Hillary Whitehorse – Grants & Contracts Manager


My dad worked long, strenuous days at the office, but always made time to read me bedtime stories every night.  I remember these nights as so joyful and loving; he was so animated and goofy reading me any book I chose, even when I picked a story we both had heard many, many times before.  I would laugh so hard most nights, that it was hard for me to fall asleep right away.  As I get older, I so greatly appreciate that time we had together every night, especially when I think about how he could have been relaxing some other way, getting ahead on his next busy workday, or sleeping.  Spending “story time” with me was never a chore for him, but rather great bonding time.  Whenever I dig through my childhood toys, those familiar books always bring back some of the greatest memories of my dad.

Amanda Verbrick – Striving to Quit Enrollment Specialist


Some of my favorite memories of my Dad from my childhood include weekend motorcycle rides (where lost was “temporarily misplaced” in his words), teaching him how to cook (outside of boxed mac & cheese and shake & bake), making Mickey Mouse pancakes in the morning and him singing to me before bedtime.

Chelsea Stover, CHES- Program Coordinator- First Breath/My Baby & Me

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