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GrapeVine Project Nurse Saves Her 5th Grade Teacher’s Life

Stacy Schmitt

Not many students get the opportunity to save their teacher’s life. Three decades later, that is exactly what Stacy Schmitt did for her 5th grade teacher.

Stacy became a GrapeVine Project nurse in 2013 and returned to her hometown of Beaver Dam to present a heart health for women seminar which your donations helped create.

In the audience at Stacy’s first GrapeVine presentation was her 5th grade teacher, Mrs. McCarthy.

Mrs. McCarthy attended the seminar looking for some information on living healthier and a tip or two on losing weight.

The information Stacy imparted, provided through your support, saved Mrs. McCarthy’s life a month later.

Mrs. McCarthy regularly worked out at an exercise class.

However, returning home from her workout several weeks after the GrapeVine presentation, she felt a discomfort in her chest.

Her mind kept returning to the WWHF pamphlet Stacy gave her. The flyer told about heart attack symptoms in women and what to do if you experience them.

The pamphlet advised her to go to the hospital, where she drove herself, concerned but still uncertain regarding her condition.

What she learned was that she was indeed suffering a heart attack—a big one with 100% vessel blockage on the right side, 85% on the left.

Two stents repaired her heart but it was you who saved her life.

The materials and programming your support provided gave Mrs. McCarthy a next chapter in life. After 30 years of teaching, she now has ample time to visit her children and grandchildren across the country.

Please continue your support with a gift to the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation.

Make a gift today.

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