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GrapeVine Project Nurse Highlight

Meet Lori Rudolph, Parish Nurse


Lori Rudolph was trained for the WWHF’s GrapeVine Project in April 2009 and has presented sessions in Sauk County on all of the GVP health topics (bone health, breast health, cervical health, heart health, mental health, oral health, and domestic violence).

Lori has held 29 educational sessions for over 100 women. She has presented in churches, schools, various support groups and even at a Farmer’s Market!  Many of the women Lori works with are those who need support in developing life skills, often have limited education and greatly benefit from learning health information.

The GrapeVine Project is a free health education program for women presented by Faith Community/Parish Nurses (FCNs) right in your own community! The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation partners with FCNs throughout the state by providing them with tools and educational information about various health topics. Holding free educational sessions, the nurses then share the information with women in their communities. Sessions can be held anywhere!

WWHF: How or why did you get involved with GrapeVine Project? 
LR: I thought it would be perfect for my job here at St. Clare Hospital because community outreach is so important. On a personal note, it has been a strong interest [of mine] to focus on prevention. The GrapeVine Project topics allow us to do that, to give women the tools they need to make better choices in their lives so that they are on the path to prevent a major illness.

WWHF: What is your favorite part of the GrapeVine Project?
LR: The people that I meet and the appreciation that they voice. They’re very happy to receive the information and are very thankful for the incentive gifts they receive at the session.

I personally appreciate that Sue Ann started the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation and the resources and information provided for health fairs and other events.

WWHF: What are your hobbies and interests?
LR: Travelling, reading and entertaining.


For more information on the GrapeVine Project, please visit:  http://www.wwhf.org/programs/grapevine-project/


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