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Emily’s Fund: Serving Women who have Served Us

Before we break for the holidays, we’re eager share about our newest program at WWHF: Emily’s Fund! This fund aims to meet the unmet needs of women veterans in Wisconsin through financial scholarships.

militaryWe all can relate to needing an extra financial “boost” when this time of the year, but the situation becomes much more urgent when you’re struggling to find housing, attending physical therapy, or being treated for mental health issues after returning from active duty. The financial stress placed upon women veterans returning home often hinders their recovery and transition. Scholarships through Emily’s Fund have already been provided for a wide variety of veterans’ needs, including medication bills, winter clothing, gas money, and even a hotel stay for one woman who would have had to travel hours upon hours to make her Veterans Affairs appointments in one week.

“I had to wait three months before receiving my Army retirement check. Without Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation coming to my rescue, my immediate future looked bleak! THANK YOU!” – Melissa, US Army 1989-2013

The fund continues to grow, too; the application is being spread throughout a network of social workers in Wisconsin. Currently, Emily’s Fund has helped eight veterans and will continue to review and accept applications until December 30th or until funds run out. Next year, the fund will open again – including more revisions to make it accessible to more women. This fund is meeting direct, immediate needs of very deserving members of our community; if you are still looking to donate to a cause during the holiday season, Emily’s Fund may be a great fit for you. For more information about the fund and how to contribute, contact Amanda Verbrick at 800-448-5148 x 104 or averbrick@wwhf.org.


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