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Drive Safely Work Week

Did you know that in 2011, there were 112,516 car crashes just in the state of Wisconsin?

During Drive Safely Work Week, the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation wants to remind you to remember the three A’s of driving safely. Stay aware, alert and attentive at all times when driving. It’s easy to get distracted on our way to work and we are often tired when we leave. If you want resources on how to maintain your physical and mental best for driving – and information about the “health” of your vehicle – make sure to visit the Drive Safely Work Week website.


But why stop at driving safely? Why not let your car do more good while you drive back and forth to work each day?

By purchasing a WWHF specialty license plate, you can! Improve the health and well-being of women and families in Wisconsin by purchasing a Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation license plate! Your $25 donation will be re-invested in communities all over Wisconsin through support of WWHF outreach and education programs.


And remember, license plates can be purchased any time throughout the year, regardless of when your annual registration fees are due. Complete the application today!


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