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Congratulations to this year’s Everyday Health Heroes!

The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Everyday Health Heroes contest:
Mary Anderson, Tammy Andries, Sara Pickard and Jonelle Secard!

Thank you to all who voted in our first Everyday Health Heroes event – we received nearly 7000 online votes! All of the Everyday Health Hero nominees have clearly inspired many with their commitment to the health of women and families in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation thanks all the Everyday Health Hero nominees for their work to make Wisconsin a healthier place!

Mary, Tammy, Sara and Jonelle will be recognized at WWHF’s VIP Pre-Gala Auction on Saturday, May 4th at the Madison Concourse Hotel.

Mary Anderson
By day, Mary is a database specialist at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. By night and weekend, she is a tireless breast cancer advocate, community volunteer, and caregiver for elderly family members and neighbors. Mary and her son, John, created the “Bowling for a Cure” event that has raised over $21,000 to support breast cancer research. She also goes out of her way to support women who are cancer survivors. For example, in December, Mary popped into a co-workers office with a package wrapped in pink saying, “your sister-in-law is a survivor, right? Give her this when you see her for the holidays.” Mary is also active in the Luke House Community Meal Program. In 1986, she spearheaded her church’s involvement with the meal program and her efforts have resulted in nearly 30 years of meals on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Mary is kind, generous, and always gracious.
Tammy Andries
Since diagnosis with a rare form of pancreatic cancer 8 years ago, Tammy has been the catalyst behind an effort to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer. She lobbies Congress and the NIH, raises funds for research, and holds the hand of those losing their battles with the disease. She uses personal time and energy to fight hard to combat this under-recognized and under-funded cancer, reaching out to families via phone, email, flowers, and lunches. Tammy’s courage and willingness to share about her diagnosis and battle with cancer has served as an inspiration for countless other women and families in Wisconsin. Tammy was nominated by the NET Alliance for the work that she has done raising awareness.
Sara Pickard
Sara has led the explosive growth of Girls on the Run of Dane County for the last six years, reaching over 4,000 girls in the process. Sara is an enthusiastic and passionate leader, helping build the next generation of women leaders through healthy lifestyle programming, curriculum and exercise. Girls on the Run addresses many aspects of girls’ development – their physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. The lessons that Sara and her coaches provide teach girls how to make healthy choices and avoid risky adolescent behaviors. Girls on the Run unleashes confidence through accomplishment, while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness. Sara’s professional skills are outstanding and her leadership supporting girls’ wellness is inspiring.
Jonelle Secard
Jonelle is the Executive Assistant/Webmaster for Attic Angel Association and, every day, she helps her colleagues make healthier choices through leading by example. Jonelle is a member of the Wellness Committee for the community. She and Lisa McGlynn offer weekly meditation classes to the employees and, when time and space become available, she plans to offer classes to the residents and Attic Angel volunteers as well. Jonelle invites co-workers to attend yoga class with her and offers nonjudgmental suggestions for healthy eating, not to mention tantalizing colleagues with her delicious looking lunches! Jonelle shares her enthusiasm for fitness and shares new ideas or challenges that she enjoyed. She also readily shares her amazing laughter and encourages a healthy work/life balance. Jonelle is a “great guns” rock star at Attic Angel and all of her colleagues appreciate her efforts to keep them thinking and living healthy!

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