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Calling All Nurses! Let Us Support You!


Nurses continually give their time, energy, and expertise to help build healthier communities. The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation (WWHF) wants to aid you in the good work you do. If you are a nurse looking to use your talents to educate women in your community, join the GrapeVine Project! GrapeVine trains nurses on health care topics using a train-the-trainer approach.  Nurses are then able to present that information to women in their community. WWHF supplies you with the PowerPoint presentation, speaking notes, scholarly resources, hand-outs, interactive tools, and training surrounding it all. We’re here to support you so you can facilitate dialogue around important health topics while focusing on prevention. As a volunteer nurse, you’ll help women make positive lifestyle changes, gain confidence in healthcare providers, and understand their own bodies.

“It makes sense to me to reach women where they’re at. GrapeVine has provided me with some structure so that my clinical experience can translate into healthy behavior changes for women. I love being present with women as they commit to becoming advocates for their own health.” -Sue Richards, GrapeVine Nurse for Dane County


How Do I Get Involved?

GrapeVine nurses gather at the WWHF office for a program meeting

GrapeVine nurses gather at the WWHF office for a program meeting

Register for our First Annual GrapeVine Conference, held June 1st and 2nd at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll get started in the program by being trained on four units and learning from existing GrapeVine nurses.  It is free – hotel and mileage reimbursements will even be provided to nurses travelling from outside the area. For new GrapeVine nurses there will be a brief online orientation beforehand. Register here for the conference or contact Program Manager, Nora Miller, for more information at 608-251-1675 x 103, nmiller@wwhf.org.

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