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A Badger Basketball Star at Brooklyn Elementary School

At our recent VIP Pre-Gala Auction, A long-time WWHF donor and supporter purchased a “Little Badger” auction item at the WWHF Annual Pre-Gala VIP Auction held on May 4th, 2013 at the Madison Concourse Hotel.  The package, donated by Mike Bruesewitz and the UW Badger Basketball Team, included courtside bench passes for a parent and their elementary-school student for a UW Men’s Basketball game, a second game with an opportunity for two children to be “ball-kids” watching the game from under the hoop and meeting the players and coaches after the game, and the coveted exclusive meet and greet from Badger star Mike Bruesewitz at the child’s game, practice, or school.

brooklyn elementaryUniversity of Wisconsin basketball star, Mike Bruesewitz, headed to Brooklyn Elementary School (K-4th grade) on Thursday, May 30, 2013 to address the school about sportsmanship, commitment, and staying on the right path through sports. He also discussed seeking out the right kids to surround yourself with.  The teachers and students thought it was great that he came from a small town just like Brooklyn! Mike also talked about how he played 4 sports.  He wanted the children to know that it is good to experience all sorts of activities and to keep busy and active and to live a healthy lifestyle.

brooklyn 2Following his speaking, he started at one end of the room and worked to the other side, taking questions from students and teachers.  Mike signed a basketball for his “biggest fan” and posed for photos!  Bruesewitz played dodgeball with the 4th graders. Then, they taught him a “team” game called human knot.  They all hooked hands cross-wise and worked together to “untie” the group.  The whole class lined up and he signed something for each of them!  We are sure his hand was tired.

He then played sponge tag with two kindergarten classes.  About 50 kids throwing wet sponges at him and he was soaked after 20 minutes of chasing!  After he left, A LOT of comments were made on how wonderful he was.  The speech, the games.  The staff loved that he was VERY personable and genuine.  The teachers may have been just as excited to meet him as the students. It really was a fantastic day!
brooklyn 3
All proceeds from the WWHF auction stay right here in Wisconsin and support local programs designed to meet local needs.  What a fun way to raise money for a great cause!

For more information about WWHF events and ways to get involved, please visit www.wwhf.org

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