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For the Health of your Heart

This year at the Research Luncheon we were honored to have Marc Gillinov, MD, as our keynote speaker. Dr. Gillinov is a staff cardiac surgeon at The Cleveland Clinic Heart Center. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery. He holds the Judith Dion Pyle Chair in Heart Valve Research at Cleveland Clinic and recently co-authored the book “Heart 411: The only Heart Guide You Will Ever Need.”

When asked what one food/substance we should avoid for the health of our heart, Dr. Gillinov’s answer was trans fats.

What are trans fats?

Trans-fats are made when liquid fats are turned into solids, and can be found in many processed foods. Different trans fats include: shortening, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Reading labels for the facts

Label with Partially Hydrogenated Oil

If a product has less than .5 grams of trans-fat per serving the product can be labeled as having “0 trans fat.” In order to make sure that a product does not have trans-fat, make sure that there are no “partially hydrogenated” ingredients on the label. For more information check out this article from UW Health: Healthy Eating: Cutting Unhealthy Fats From Your Diet.


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