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WWHF is Thankful


When we asked our staff what they were thankful for this holiday season, these are some of the responses we received:


Janet: “I am thankful for the people I have in my life.  I have wonderful, loving family, friends and co-workers!!!”

Marilyn: “This year I am so very thankful for my mother’s uncomplicated adjustment to her new living situation in an assisted-living facility in Rochester, NY. My mom is 86 and mentally sharp as a tack. She has such a great attitude about life which is supported by her faith. Mom takes every opportunity to be independent and take good care of herself (eating wisely and walking regularly). After enjoying her own apartment and her autonomous lifestyle for decades, Mom has decided to “go with the flow” at Heather Heights despite the fact that, “Not everyone has the best manners.” Isn’t that just putting it mildly? Thank you mom for your strong and graceful spirit—your example of aging with dignity and positivity.”

Carl: “I am thankful for good health.”

Kristin: “I am deeply grateful for my husband and two boys.”

Amanda: “While I’m thankful for many, many things, I am definitely thankful for all my coworkers! You all keep me continually learning, even now that I’m out of school; everyone always has new ideas from a conference, health news they recently read, advice on how to approach a difficult situation, expertise on technology in which I’m inexperienced using, or just a funny web link to share. It keeps the work days fresh, exciting, and motivating. I’m thankful for my WWHF family and their passion for our work!”

Susan: “I’m thankful for everything I have!  It may not be much, but all of it makes me feel blessed”

Amy: “I am thankful to be back home in the USA J.”

McKaye: “I am thankful for every opportunity I have been given. Those around me (friends, family, and complete strangers) have all afforded me opportunities for development, advancement and self-reflection. Because of those closest to me, I have found some of my passions, experienced unconditional love, and have been able to explore new experiences; these affordances have become more clear to me as I graduate college and dive into ‘the real world.’ What more could I ask for!?”

Nora: “I am thankful for the love of my family and friends.”

Chelsea: “My coworkers J!”

Tommi: “A wonderful family whom I love more than I can put into words… and an amazing staff, whom inspire me daily and who I feel are an extension of my family…I am truly blessed!”


What are you thankful for this year?

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