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A Woman’s Mouth Matters – Oral Health with Dr. Gundersen

The health of the mouth is intimately connected to the health of the rest of the body. It’s the beginning of the digestive system and the respiratory system, and plays an important role in eating, drinking, breathing, tasting, talking, and kissing. Yet only 60-70% of adults seek routine dental care. In his presentation on “Oral […]

14th Annual Gathering

Each year, WWHF partners with Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield, WI to hold “The Gathering.” Since 2002, the Gathering has provided women an opportunity to meet old and new friends, view exhibits, and access information and resources they need to be healthy. This free event is designed to engage and energize […]

World Alzheimer’s Month

September is a good month to think about healthy aging – it’s both Healthy Aging Month and World Alzheimer’s Month. And as Wisconsinites, it’s a good idea to think about healthy aging year-round. While millennials (anyone born after 1980) outnumber baby boomers nationwide, Wisconsin is one of a few states that have more baby boomers […]

Program Highlight: the GrapeVine Project

The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation partners with nurses throughout the state by providing them with the most up-to-date tools and educational information about various health topics through our program The GrapeVine Project. All information presented is gathered from local state and national organizations with expertise in the specific health area, and is continually reviewed […]