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An Inside Look at the WWHF

Here at the WWHF we want you to get to know us, so check out a quick interview of two of our employees, Carl and Marilyn!

Carl Oliver: Health Educator for First Breath and My Baby & Me

  • Recently married on September 22nd (still getting used to using the term “wife.”)
  • Has been working at the WWHF for almost one year
  • Went to school at UW-La Crosse and graduated with a major in Community Health Education and a minor in Sociology

Why do you enjoy working the WWHF?

I really enjoy the opportunity to impact peoples’ health, especially on the preventative end of the spectrum. I also work with fantastic, passionate people and have developed some great partnerships. It is nice to come to work excited about what you are going to do.

Memorable story from working at the WWHF?

A particular prenatal care site that I work with comes to mind.  Over the last several years, they have made smoking cessation and our First Breath program a priority for their patients, along with complementary programs and care.  They have achieved great results. The site was able to reach ten times more women through First Breath as in past years.  They have seen a decrease in premature births and low birth weights.   It feels great to know that our programs are having a positive impact on women and families.

Favorite quote?

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

– Reggie Leach

Marilyn Duguid: Outreach Specialist

  • From a Juggling Family: Marilyn’s husband is a professional juggler, and she even juggles herself. Her daughter also juggles, and she explains that sometimes during the summer, they can all be seen juggling at the beach like a regular circus act!
  • Plays the Bagpipes: and it’s great exercise! Feels like you’ve gone for a jog after playing for half an hour.











Why do you like working at the WWHF?

I have a degree in technical communications and later got a nursing degree; however, I have always wanted to work in health education, and I have been doing so for the past 15 years. When I came to the foundation I really got to start doing what I love, and I have been working here now for almost 7 years.

Great experiences working at the WWHF?

It has been really rewarding working with the Southeast Wisconsin affiliate of Susan G. Komen. Together, along with funding from the Kohl’s Corporation, we offer the Kohl’s Southeast Wisconsin Breast Health Assistance Fund. We help women get their breast screenings. I get to see the money going directly to those who are in need because we also help individuals with breast cancer.

What do you do to stay healthy?

Lots of things! In 2003 I started practicing Tai Chi. It has been a great experience and I continue to learn  a lot about not being so controlling and how to have a positive attitude without expectations. Every morning I spend about 20-30 with my Tai Chi and meditation practice. It sets the tone for my day, and leaves me centered, peaceful and with an attitude of gratitude.

Any tips?

You do not need a long period of time to practice get centered and focused; taking just two minutes can be enough to shift your energy and make a positive impact.


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